I've been working on a typeface sporadically over the last few months based on the work of Nicolas Jenson but in super-bold sans-serif form. I've also created a little showoff mini-site for my type as another uni project. In fact it was the main inspiration to create a site in the first place.

I had the opportunity to take a type elective at uni with the super-skilled Dan Milne, who is a real wizard at type design. Seriously, he has super-powered eyes for detail, spotting details that no mere human would ever notice. It's been a blast and I've been loving learning so much about type. I'd say it's currently in beta form, as my glyph set is still unfinished, lacking accented glyphs and a bit of punctuation, but as it's mainly designed for headlines, that doesn't detract from its usability. You may also have noticed a kerning bug with v/o, w/e characters. I'm working on it!