I recently filmed an interview with my dad about his various passions, including gardening, woodworking, engineering and family. He's a softly spoken fellow, and it's quite rare that he really voices opinion, so it's lovely to just hear him talk.

In a twist of fate, at the worst possible time a brand new SSD went corrupt. Hence I was forced to try and come up with some visuals for a film-based outcome... but I couldn't use any footage from the interview! I went back to Buninyong shortly afterwards, and spent a few days collecting as much extra B-roll footage as I could, because it had now been promoted. Additionally I trawled my archives of family videos and photos to try to find enough related footage to tell the story. Without animating things, this would be tricky.

I've always loved the multiple exposure work of Cristoffer Relander and had the idea of attempting the effect with moving images. One of the things my dad doesn't mention is that he's a skilled photographer and still shoots slide film, so a filmic solution really suits the project.