Equilatera was my first typeface, and you're supposed to try all the crazy stuff at the start, right? I was at once trying to create something legible and hyper-geometric. I chose the equilateral triangle as the base off which everything was built, and after a couple of different scales I eventually found a sweet spot.

I currently spend too much on uni projects to afford Tal Leming's Metrics Machine, hence kerning is still a work in progress. But go on, give it a whirl. Try out some ligatures! And if you like it, you can download an early version here to mess around with. Don't forget to show me what you make!

type tester

triangles are my favourite shape

come on, let's tesselate

ProflIgate pool ants.

There's a couple of notable things about this typeface. Because of the lack of verticals, these lines wobble one way or the other and have the potential to tessellate well with other glyphs. I helped this along by including a bunch of alternate glyphs under the liga tag which should switch out automatically. Additionally, as there is only one case for Equilatera, upper case key bindings can be used to access further alternate glyphs for helping the tesselation.

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