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I create fonts, web pages, videos, shoes, lamps etc. and I'm always learning how to create even more stuff. Whatever your project, I'm sure between me and my friends we've got it covered, so don't hesitate to get in touch.


I think if you look closely, people's passions are more particular than "I love making things." For me, there are two parts of the process that I particularly love:

  • The first is technical ability. If I make something, I've thoroughly researched it, assessed all the different ways I could do it, and then landed on the approach I believe gets the best result. I'll often combine multiple approaches into a hack, or re-imagine approaches from other disciplines.
  • The second part is all to do with serving people. I love doing things that provide real personal value along with the professional, and I'll think and think and think again to make sure the solution I provide is appropriate to its purpose and representative of the correct character.



  • BottleBrush Films – Fantastic Weddings filmed by Andrew, with amazing edits by Grace. @bottlebrushfilms
  • Abi Assender – Quite excellent photography. Really a lot better than me. @ascendedd
  • Lissi's Little Things – Lissi is one of my best friends. She makes great earrings, is an excellent interior designer, and SO MUCH FUN.
  • Dan Milne – If ever a wizard of type there was, Dan Milne of Aus is one because his eye for detail is beyond compare, and his typeface Tasman is ever so clear. Not quite a rhyme.
  • Gemma Teese – Sweet as publishing and packaging.
  • Ruby Furst – Animator and art director.
  • Tal Levin – typesetting aficionado.


I love music, but my housemates have no idea what kind of music I'm into, because I'll listen to about 10 different genres in any given day of work.

Essential listening in my book: